Beudene Daycare for disabled

Beudene Daycare for Disabled

Beudene is a daycare for disabled people with all kinds of diBeudene logosabilities and all ages which are situated in 5 Ray Champion Road, Rayton, Bloemfontein.  Beudene celebrates this year its 18th birthday and care for 40 – 55 people with disabilities on a daily basis.   The disabilities range from slightly intellectually impaired to severe, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and multiple disabilities.

Their mission is to serve and to provide a safe, loving and stimulating environment for the disabled and their families. They strive to establish happy, content and well integrated people with disabilities.

There service is to provide a loving, safe and stimulating care Centre for individuals with disabilities and their families.  We strive to develop independent and appropriate social behavior and integration.  Their aim is to develop well balanced and happy disabled individuals who will be participating members of the broader community.

Beudene is always in need of all kinds support.  Volunteers, products, services and funding to support the work at Beudene have helped them to provide this labor or love for the past 17-18 years.

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