Leadership initiative in Mangaung Township leads to enthusiasm

Leadership initiative in Mangaung Township leads to enthusiasm

Leadership initiative in Mangaung Township leads to enthusiasm

1With the winter seedlings being planted and growing beautifully in all the township vegetable tunnels, Mamojake Makhetha, our mentor on the project, took initiative to start training other residents in the areas where the tunnels reside.
These residents took interest in the vegetable tunnel project and even while their names have been put on a waiting list for possible future tunnels, Mamojake decided to start training these eager new learners in the areas that we (Spoudazo) are already at work.
2They were taught how to utilize the land in their yards for food security. The residents were shown how to make proper vegetable beds. They were also taught about the importance of compost making and the usage thereof to ensure fertile soil. All the other relevant training that goes with the vegetable tunnel project was shared with these upcoming vegetable farmers. Some of the prepared outside beds were planted with spinach and the others will shortly be planted with onion seedlings.

“A good plan implemented today is better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow." – George Patton.


This new initiative will definitely become a focus area as part of the current Township Vegetable Tunnel project of Spoudazo. The focus will be to attempt to equip the majority of residents in township areas to provide food for themselves with their available resources. The journey with these individuals, who will have been trained through this initiative, will be helpful when sourcing new beneficiaries for possible future vegetable tunnels. It is one of Spoudazo’s criterions that the appointed tunnel beneficiaries have previously shown their own efforts towards the growing of vegetables in their yards.



The winter season harvests of spinach will be ready for sales to restaurants and the public from June 2015.

The tunnel beneficiaries had a wonderful summer season and benefited greatly from the income opportunity that the tunnels had to offer. Many local restaurants bought spinach and other vegetables from them. We trust that this will be true for the winter season’s crops as well. Spoudazo will report more on the winter harvests in the June 2015 newsletter. In the meantime, anyone who wants to offer their support by buying spinach from the tunnel beneficiaries during the winter season, can contact Kele Mogorosi at kele@spoudazo.co.za.


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