What we have to offer



Spoudazo Enterprises has a wide range of social development projects aimed at uplifting and empowering previously disadvantaged individuals.  We offer the opportunity for entities to earn B-BBEE points by investing only 1% of your annual net profit after tax on any of Spoudazo’s SED projects. This investment can be in time, services or money and is worth 25 points for a Qualifying Small Enterprise and 5 points for a Generic company in their B-BBEE scorecards.

Spoudazo has had our beneficiaries verified by LDSW Incorporated, an accredited B-BBEE verification agency and we can confirm that more than 75% of our beneficiaries are previously disadvantaged. Entities can therefore claim 100% of any contribution made to Spoudazo as Social Responsibility contributions towards B-BBEE.

Spoudazo also affords the benefit that all donations are tax deductible when we issue your company with a pre-numbered section 18A receipt.

Companies stand to gain immensely by channelling investment towards Spoudazo’s SED initiatives, not only by earning valuable B-BBEE points, but also from a tax- and marketing perspective.

Socio-economic Development (SED) is one of the seven elements of a B-BBEE scorecard. This focuses on the extent to which an organization carries out initiatives intended to uplift the South African previously disadvantaged society that currently still falls outside of the income earning bracket.

Spoudazo Enterprises focus on social economic development, ensuring that funds are channelled to benefit black individuals and/or black communities.

All contributors will be furnished with the required documentation that will enable you to claim points on your B-BBEE scorecard for your SED contribution. Should the turnover of the donor be R5 million – R35 million per annum, points of up to 50 (25×2) can be earned on its SED score card.